Uncut Gems – Review

I’ll admit. I wasn’t sure Sandler had it in him. The days of Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy seemed so ancient that it was hard to remember what was so special about this guy. Now we have Uncut Gems. As if there was ever any doubt. 2017’s Good Time was a breakthrough hit for sibling … Read more

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker – Review

1977. A New Hope. The beginning of a story that would span a lifetime. A story that would change the meaning of Science Fiction. A story that would garner fans the world over and create a level of fandom never seen before or since, for better or worse…  We hear the word finale a lot … Read more

Spider-Man: Far From Home – Review

At this point it’s hard to deny Marvel’s achievements. 23 films. One cinematic universe. Dozens of characters freely and frequently moving through the sub-franchises within and we don’t even bat an eyelid. Marvel has made something truly unprecedented. Yes, the cynics may say that ‘The world doesn’t need another Marvel movie’ and they’d be right. … Read more

1917 Review

Every now and again a film comes along that changes the game. Star Wars. The Matrix. Gravity. Films that give us something we didn’t know we needed until we saw them. Films that stay with us long after the lights come up and the stray pieces of popcorn are swept away. It’s no accident that … Read more

Saint Maud – Review

The horror renaissance has brought us some of the most daring, unique and unpredictable films of recent years and in a time when Marvel and other such franchises dominate the theatres, (as well as a global pandemic playing havoc with release dates and accessibility), it’s a shame that some have gone largely unrecognised. One such … Read more

Midsommar – Review

In June 2018 Ari Aster went from being a little known, indie-short director to one of the biggest names in horror. How? Hereditary. No I don’t mean he inherited the overnight-success gene from his parents. I mean the film Hereditary. The sudden wave of acclaim for his first feature propelled Aster to a position where … Read more

Smile – Review

You’ll have to forgive me for thinking that the marketing materials preceding Smile weren’t the most engaging. I was arrogantly sure that the horror skeptics would be turned off by a primitive visual of a creepy smile and the ‘cheap’ jump scares showcased in the teasers and horror enthusiasts would chalk it up to another … Read more