Barbie – Review

You’d be forgiven for feeling slightly bemused as the opening of Barbie unfurls. Commanding as Helen Mirron’s satirical narration is, it explains little. The scene is abstract, comical and epic in equal measure. Gretta Gerwig promises much within the first minute and it’s safe to say the confidence and competence with which Barbie begins, sustains … Read more

Yellowjackets – Season 2 – Review

The Emmy-nominated sleeper hit returned to our screens this year with more blood, guts and extreme psychosis. All the good stuff. But having such a successful first season comes with its caveats. Follow-up seasons are tricky enough as it is – recapturing the magic, sustaining the mystery, all while driving the narrative forward in new … Read more

SISU – Review

It arrived with little-to-no fanfare. Marketing, at least in the UK, was minimal and my screening was as close to empty as I’ve seen in a while. Somehow though, none of that seemed to matter. In an age where bums on seats and box office numbers are seen by studios as the be-all-and-end-all of the … Read more

The Flash – Review

As the DCEU draws to a close, having never truly lived up to its source material potential or matched Marvel’s hit-rate, the penultimate film in its 10-year run serves as somewhat of a Justice League Light. Featuring relative newcomer Sasha Calle as Supergirl and Michael Keaton donning the iconic cowl 34 years later, it’s this … Read more

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse – Review

It wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say that 2018’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse redefined the meaning of animation forever. Five years ago Columbias Pictures teamed up with Sony Animation to bring us a fresh take on the Superhero formula through the lens of a comic-book-brought-to-life style, woven together by stellar writing and a pitch-perfect voice cast. … Read more

The Last Of Us – Review

What is it about video games that make them so tricky to adapt? Because let’s face it, of the myriad attempts we’ve seen over the years, not one has truly shone. Not one has captured the hearts of both hardcore fans and complete newcomers and trying to accommodate that usually results in failure on all … Read more

Happy Valley – Series 3 – Review

Sally Wainwright’s Yorkshire set creation led by the formidable Sarah Lancashire (playing the equally formidable P.S. Catherine Cawood) first aired way back in 2014. The grim tone that has become ironically synonymous with the title was evident from the first episode after a phenomenal monologue from Lancashire, laying out the context of our protagonist and … Read more

Avatar – The Way Of Water – Review

Who can deny that James Cameron knows his way around a blockbuster? In fact, ‘knows his way around’ is an unforgivable understatement. His track record is unlike anyone’s when it comes to sheer scale and spectacle (and that’s before we even talk box office figures). You could say the likes of Villenauve’s Dune or The … Read more

M3gan Review

2021 brought us one of the whackiest, knowing and, at times, downright hilarious horrors of the last few years in the form of James Wan’s Malignant. The writer/director playfully utilised long-tired tropes in a subversive and self-aware way that made Malignant feel fresh, different and fun. This year, from the same writing team, produced by … Read more