Mare Of Eastown – Review

This show came pretty much out of nowhere. No preamble, no swathe of marketing material save for a few bus posters here and there, no lengthy press circuits promoting the work. Yet Mare of Easttown is arguably one of the best crime dramas of recent years, and its global popularity seems to agree. The show … Read more

The Last Of US Part 2 – Review

The tricky-second-album problem has always been an issue for game designers and never has this been more apparent than with The Last Of Us franchise. The original took the gaming community by storm way back in 2013 with both critics and users alike singing its praises across the review sphere. It’s a rare thing for … Read more

It’s A Sin – Review

Welsh-born Russel T. Davies is one of Britain’s most heralded writers, bringing progressive and powerful dramas to our screens for 30 years. His remarkable catalogue comprising such groundbreaking shows as Queer As Folk, the revival of Doctor Who and 2019’s nightmarish vision of a far-too-plausible-future, Years and Years. Now, in collaboration with Director Peter Hoar, … Read more

Stranger Things 3 – Review

You’d think after fighting off a demi-gorgon, an army of demi-dogs and a giant shadow monster, the residents of Hawkins might have earned a break – well think again because Stranger Things is back in all its horrifying glory with new monsters, new characters and new levels of shameless 80’s nostalgia.  Netflix’s flagship show got … Read more

Midsommar – Review

In June 2018 Ari Aster went from being a little known, indie-short director to one of the biggest names in horror. How? Hereditary. No I don’t mean he inherited the overnight-success gene from his parents. I mean the film Hereditary. The sudden wave of acclaim for his first feature propelled Aster to a position where … Read more

Smile – Review

You’ll have to forgive me for thinking that the marketing materials preceding Smile weren’t the most engaging. I was arrogantly sure that the horror skeptics would be turned off by a primitive visual of a creepy smile and the ‘cheap’ jump scares showcased in the teasers and horror enthusiasts would chalk it up to another … Read more

Horizon Forbidden West – Review

Back in 2017, Guerilla Games’ PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn made waves, winning Game Of The Year awards the world over. This year, the hotly anticipated sequel came to our cutting-edge next-gen consoles and we couldn’t wait to dig into it and find out what unhealthily-addictive updates Forbidden West had to offer. Does it embrace … Read more