Yellowjackets – Season 2 – Review

The Emmy-nominated sleeper hit returned to our screens this year with more blood, guts and extreme psychosis. All the good stuff. But having such a successful first season comes with its caveats. Follow-up seasons are tricky enough as it is – recapturing the magic, sustaining the mystery, all while driving the narrative forward in new … Read more

The Last Of Us – Review

What is it about video games that make them so tricky to adapt? Because let’s face it, of the myriad attempts we’ve seen over the years, not one has truly shone. Not one has captured the hearts of both hardcore fans and complete newcomers and trying to accommodate that usually results in failure on all … Read more

Happy Valley – Series 3 – Review

Sally Wainwright’s Yorkshire set creation led by the formidable Sarah Lancashire (playing the equally formidable P.S. Catherine Cawood) first aired way back in 2014. The grim tone that has become ironically synonymous with the title was evident from the first episode after a phenomenal monologue from Lancashire, laying out the context of our protagonist and … Read more

Snowpiercer: Season 2 – Review

The first Season of Snowpiercer drifted away from both the graphic novel and the film in terms of plot but still retained it’s fundamental idea – A class revolution on a perpetual train. With 10 episodes to fill, show-runners Josh Freidman and Graeme Manson had to take this source material and stretch it. An approach … Read more

Marcella: Season 3 – Review

Back in 2016, Marcella was one of the hottest new cop dramas around, but its third and potentially final season is no longer irresistible watching, it’s actually a bit of a drag.  After Episode 1 I was unconvinced by the new set-up. Instead of the familiar sights of Marcella sinking a beer after a long … Read more

WandaVision – Review

Nearly two years after Marvel Studios’ last addition to their ever-expanding cinematic universe (The MCU), our long-awaited fix comes not in the form of a big-screen, blockbuster spectacle, but instead as a televisual mini-series beamed directly into our living rooms. WandaVision isn’t Marvel’s first serial endeavour (as anyone who slogged their way through the Marvel-Netflix … Read more

The Mandalorian Season 2 – Review

42 years on from it’s humble origins, the Skywalker Saga culminated with Episode 9 – A film from which we expected great things, but when it came, turned out to be a disastrous underachiever. This, off the back of an underperforming Solo movie, seemed to spell a rather sorry end for the Star Wars franchise. … Read more

Snowpiercer – Review

“On Snowpiercer, one-thousand-and-one cars long” goes the adage, serving as the full-stop to the opening monologue, each time from a new character’s perspective. Among the many cars and classes of Snowpiercer, the residual few hundred of humanity flow along in perpetual motion, their only means of continued survival on the now-frozen surface of the Earth. … Read more

Watchmen – Review

In 1987 Alan Moore brought new meaning to the comic book world with his acclaimed graphic novel – Watchmen. Masked vigilantes, employed by the government, had been at the forefront of significant cultural and political shifts for the best part of the 20th century. The result? A stalemate between two superpowers, the USA and the … Read more

The Witcher – Review

The books were revered. The game was venerated. The question was however, could The Witcher successfully transition to live action? Or would it fall victim to the curse of video game adaptations like so many others before? With a Netflix budget, a Hollywood superstar and two lots of source material to draw from, things were … Read more