Messiah – Review

This show pretty much came out of nowhere. Not unusual for Netflix who like to occasionally drop a 10 part series and let the auto-play trailer on the homepage do the leg work and, to be fair, it sets the scene perfectly – A cat and mouse game between Michelle Monaghan as tenacious CIA Agent … Read more

Mare Of Eastown – Review

This show came pretty much out of nowhere. No preamble, no swathe of marketing material save for a few bus posters here and there, no lengthy press circuits promoting the work. Yet Mare of Easttown is arguably one of the best crime dramas of recent years, and its global popularity seems to agree. The show … Read more

It’s A Sin – Review

Welsh-born Russel T. Davies is one of Britain’s most heralded writers, bringing progressive and powerful dramas to our screens for 30 years. His remarkable catalogue comprising such groundbreaking shows as Queer As Folk, the revival of Doctor Who and 2019’s nightmarish vision of a far-too-plausible-future, Years and Years. Now, in collaboration with Director Peter Hoar, … Read more

Stranger Things 3 – Review

You’d think after fighting off a demi-gorgon, an army of demi-dogs and a giant shadow monster, the residents of Hawkins might have earned a break – well think again because Stranger Things is back in all its horrifying glory with new monsters, new characters and new levels of shameless 80’s nostalgia.  Netflix’s flagship show got … Read more