Soul – Review

Pixar know how the wrap their fingers around your heart-strings and yank on them till you buckle. ‘UP’ being the go-to example, but in more recent years the likes of ‘Coco’ and ‘Inside Out’ have also proven themselves among Pixar’s most emotionally affecting fables. So when they announced Soul, the story of an ageing Jazz … Read more

Marcella: Season 3 – Review

Back in 2016, Marcella was one of the hottest new cop dramas around, but its third and potentially final season is no longer irresistible watching, it’s actually a bit of a drag.  After Episode 1 I was unconvinced by the new set-up. Instead of the familiar sights of Marcella sinking a beer after a long … Read more

WandaVision – Review

Nearly two years after Marvel Studios’ last addition to their ever-expanding cinematic universe (The MCU), our long-awaited fix comes not in the form of a big-screen, blockbuster spectacle, but instead as a televisual mini-series beamed directly into our living rooms. WandaVision isn’t Marvel’s first serial endeavour (as anyone who slogged their way through the Marvel-Netflix … Read more

The Mandalorian Season 2 – Review

42 years on from it’s humble origins, the Skywalker Saga culminated with Episode 9 – A film from which we expected great things, but when it came, turned out to be a disastrous underachiever. This, off the back of an underperforming Solo movie, seemed to spell a rather sorry end for the Star Wars franchise. … Read more

Destiny: Beyond Light DLC – Review

Bungie’s chief franchise has established itself as one the most continually engaging games of recent years. An achievement owed in no small part to it’s ground-breaking approach of weekly resets, routine updates, ever-evolving end-game material and, most importantly, it’s periodic DLCs, giving players a constant feed of fresh and exciting content. And the formula works. … Read more

Snowpiercer – Review

“On Snowpiercer, one-thousand-and-one cars long” goes the adage, serving as the full-stop to the opening monologue, each time from a new character’s perspective. Among the many cars and classes of Snowpiercer, the residual few hundred of humanity flow along in perpetual motion, their only means of continued survival on the now-frozen surface of the Earth. … Read more

The Old Guard – Review

Charlize Theron is arguably the biggest female bad-ass in Hollywood and it’s always a delight to see her slicing through henchmen in the likes of Atomic Blonde, Aeon Flux and Mad Max: Fury Road. Refreshingly, The Old Guard is the Theron we know with an interesting, fantastical twist. The question is however, does this Netflix-backed … Read more

5 To See At The Cinema… eventually.

Mulan One of the first blockbusters-to-be affected by COVID-19, <i>Mulan</i> is Disney’s latest live-action adaptation of one of their beloved animated classics, following 2019’s mega-hit The Lion King. After the release of the first trailer in July 2019, fans noted that there seemed to be none of the musical elements of the 1998 original and … Read more

The Invisible Man – Review

The invisible man first made an appearance in H.G. Wells’ novel of the same name way back in 1897. Later made into a film in 1933, an iteration classed as comedy, horror and sci-fi all at once. Safe to say they’ve done away with the former in Leigh Whannell’s fresh new look at the monster … Read more

Parasite – Review

It’s hard to describe exactly what Bong Joon-ho has given us with Parasite and you can say the same about his last two features, The Host (2006) and Snowpiercer (2013). His films defy containment and instead operate across several genres simultaneously, flitting from horror to comedy to thriller to social commentary. Now this signature approach … Read more